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vRealize Log Insight Overview

vRealize Log Insight has been around for several years now, but I keep hearing people referencing the fact that many companies own it and don't even realize it. Let's change all that! For those of you not aware, vRealize Log Insight (hereafter referred to as vRLI because I'm lazy and don't want to type out the whole name) is a log management and analytics solution from VMware. It ingests syslog data from various sources - not just vSphere/ESXi! - and displays all that data in easy-to-understand and customizable dashboards while at the same time providing a powerful analytics engine, giving easily searchable structure to unstructured data. It's a really helpful tool for me, so I will provide an overview to get you familiar at a high-level with its features. As a side note: while not specific to vRLI, having a centralized location for syslog data makes correlating issues between layers of the technology stack much easier than trying to remember what system lo