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NetApp E-Series Automation with the SANtricity PowerShell Toolkit

I have a project coming up pretty soon that will require the deployment of multiple E-Series arrays whose configurations are likely going to be very similar if not identical, and I thought "I'm lazy, I don't want to do this manually, let's automate it"! I had seen that there were SANtricity (the operating system that runs on the E-Series arrays) cmdlets, about 300 of them in total, included with the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit, so I started digging in and taking a look. During my investigation, I didn't find a whole lot of end-to-end "how-to"s out there on the Internet, so I am creating my own to share with you!

Note: Prior to getting started, I am going to make the assumption that you have: 

- The NetApp PowerShell Toolkit downloaded and installed (I am using version 9.6)
- A Windows or Linux server to install the Web Services Proxy 
- An E-Series array. I have an E5600, which does not have the embedded Web Services Proxy like the newer arrays (E2700,E2…